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Photos recall Hanoi’s 12 days and nights in 1972

Forty years ago these days Hanoi and many other cities in the north were devastated by aerial bombardments of the US.

Forty years ago these days Hanoi, Haiphong and many other cities in North Vietnam were severely devastated by relentless aerial bombardments of the US.

The following photos recall the 12 days and nights when the capital of Hanoi was fiercely bombarded by the US Air Force, as well as the strong resistance from Hanoians.

On December 14, 1972 President Nixon approved an air attack plan targeting Hanoi and Haiphong

The US Air Force launched air raids, using B-52 Stratofortresses, long-range, supersonic, jet-powered strategic bombers. In the photo, B-52 bombers completely ruined Bach Mai hospital in Hanoi

The Me Tri radio signal transmitter station of Radio the Voice of Vietnam was hit on the night of December 18.



People were evacuated to safe areas

Personal roadside bomb shelters were put up along streets

The US air raids received strong resistance from Vietnamese people. In the photo, artillery soldiers were on standby

The Sao Do (Red Star) air unit contributed to the victory of the battle

Hero Pham Tuan flew Mic-21 and downed a B-52 bomber

An American pilot was arrested on Truc Bach lake in Hanoi

American pilots were treated well in prison. In the photo, a daily meal for arrested pilots at Hoa Lo Prison in Hanoi

The failure of the air raids forced the US and its henchmen to sit down at the negotiating table in 1973 and sign the Paris Peace Agreement, putting an end to the war in Vietnam. In the photo, Nguyen Thi Binh, Foreign Minister of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam, penned the agreement on January 27, 1973.


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