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Tuesday 22th of June 2021 16:57:36 PM (Vietnam)
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Hanoi food and dining tips - top 5 places to try local foods in Hanoi

In an exciting city with diverse cuisine and restaurant in all kinds like Hanoi, finding an ideal restaurant to have a dinner with families or friends is not a challenge.


In an exciting city with diverse cuisine and restaurant in all kinds like Hanoi, finding an ideal restaurant to have a dinner with families or friends is not a challenge. Major of Hanoian choose to have dinner in popular restaurants or street restaurants as it is a tradition that absorb in their mind.

These are where they feel more comfortable, more familiar to converse, to cheer and to watch the uproarious streets nearby. Food at some of these restaurants is also somehow tastier than formal restaurant as they have secret recipes to enhance the flavor of their dishes. However, hygiene and unprofessional staff at those places are truly serious issues that lessen their quality of their services.

Along with those popular restaurants, numerous deluxe and formal restaurants have been established and also become a preferred dining place to upper and high class Hanoian. Advantages of these restaurants are elegantly glamorous design, courteous staff and appearance and top class foods that demonstrate social class of their guests. Nevertheless, some of restaurants of this type are not able to offer delicious dishes that are worth prices their customers have to pay.


- There are a lot of restaurants in Hanoi that serve buffet, but if you prefer tranquil and private location to have dinner, avoid those place as they are noisy and crowded with people walking around to pick food.
- As most restaurants in Hanoi are always full of guests, so make sure that you reserve you table before coming, especially if you dine with a huge number of people.
- Unless you have some basic Vietnamese or go with local people, you should not dine at popular and street restaurants because most of staff at those places is really bad or unable to converse in foreign languages.
- For foreigner tourists, the Old Quarter is an ideal area to have dine with numerous traditional restaurants and skillful staff who has standard linguistic knowledge to converse with foreigners. However, price at those places could be more expensive than other restaurants in the same standard.

1. Buffet Viet

Address: No.1A, Tang Bat Ho Street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi Tel: (+84-4) 3 993 1781
Websites: http://www.buffetviet.net
Email: buffetviet@gmail.com

In spite of being established only 2 years ago, Buffet Viet has become one of the most popular dining places to families, companies or organizations in Hanoi. Airy space inside the restaurant is precisely decorated with traditional Vietnamese architecture and luxurious classically wooden furniture to create a unique atmosphere of ancient Vietnamese houses with intimation and coziness. Buffet menu in this restaurant consists of more than 100 delicious dishes, from traditional Vietnamese cuisine to other nations such as France, Japan, Thailand, China or Korea. Especially, grilled food in Buffet Viet should be the most fascinating factor of it with numerous special dishes like onion-fatty grilled oysters or Brazilian grilled pork.

2. Ngoc Mai Do Restaurant

Address: Level 15, Ruby Plaza, No.44 Le Ngoc Han Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi Tel: (+84-4) 2 220 6799
Ngoc Mai Do Buffet Restaurant is located on the 15th floor of Ruby Plaza with an “international buffet” structure that offers much interesting feeling to guests when they visit. The restaurant provides a huge menu of hundred dishes each day with wide range of foods including numerous deluxe one like French moose’s liver, lobsters or Huynh De Crab. Not only reaching top class standard in cuisine, Ngoc Mai Do also attain 5 stars in design with the combination between traditional Vietnamese architecture and modern European format. Covering the inner space inside the restaurant is red, black and white painting colors that visualizes an epitome of brightly red ochna and create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere to stimulate people to enjoy their meal.

3. Koto Restaurant

Address: No.59, Van Mieu Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi
Tel: (+84-4) 3 747 0337

Possessing a convenient location that is near Van Mieu and the center of Hanoi city, Koto restaurant is worth-considering as a lovely dining place to enter. The menu in this restaurant provides its guests various tasty dishes of traditional Vietnamese cuisine to Western food culture. However, what makes Koto completely different to other restaurants is that it belong to a charitable project which trains vocational skill to miserable children and give them opportunities to work and feed themselves. In addition to the elegant space inside, that place truly an ideal location to have a dinner with you families and friends.

4. Da Lien Restaurant.

Address: 55A Nguyen Du, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi Tel: (+84-4) 3 943 9342

This is a 3 floors restaurant with incredibly breathtaking design and decoration based on different unique format with water stream, wooden furnishing or flowers everywhere. It is not overstating to say that once guests enter the gate of this restaurant, they will feel like they are in heaven with a highly extreme impression. Guests to Da Lien restaurant will not only surprise with its architecture, but also special and unforgettable flavor of dishes in this place with carious top quality food like crab, lobsters or shrimp. This place is truly a great destination to have an elegant meal with families, business partners, friends or lovers.

5. Nineteen 11

Address: No1. Trang Tien Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi (adjacent to The Grand Theater)

Can you imagine having a romantic dinner in a luxurious restaurant on the basement of Hanoi Grand theater, the most famous and magnificent destination in Hanoi? Come to Nineteen 11 and experience how awesome it is. Inner design of this restaurant is truly unique and distinguished to other deluxe restaurants in Hanoi, but the more attractive element of this restaurant is that it attempt to offer friendly and cozy serving attitude to its guests. Moreover, Nineteen 11 menu is inspired by Vietnamese traditional cuisine and created with fresh and top quality ingredient to satisfy even the most difficult guests. Especially, an underground wine storage is always available to serve the most fragrant and flavored bottle to the customers.

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